Interior Paint: Standard or Upgraded?

Here’s a scenario: You’re an agent, setting up a scope of repairs for an REO property, and the house needs a complete interior paint job. You select “Standard,” thinking that’s all you really need, right? “Upgrade” sounds expensive and there’s no need for anything fancy here.

But the truth is, you might not realize what you’re getting with standard interior paint. Yes, it will cover all previously painted surfaces, and that always includes minor drywall repairs in the bargain. But standard paint is two-tone, meaning the ceiling will be the same color as the walls. And if you’ve ever seen a room that was done with two-tone paint, you know it’s not very attractive.

upgraded-paint01That’s why, when we submit a bid to cover your repairs, we always bid for “Upgraded” or three-tone paint. That doesn’t mean anything fancy (or expensive); it just means we’re recommending the paint job that will give the home its best possible appearance for resale. The ceilings will be painted a flat, non-reflective white, in subtle contrast to the standard off-white color for the walls, while the trim, doors, and door casings are done in the usual white semi-gloss. It’s a classic, more desirable look and feel for any room.

Next time you’re entering a scope for REO repairs and you come to the paint section, give a little thought to what you really want to see — or rather, what a potential buyer will want to see. A little extra for upgraded paint will go a long way towards getting that property sold.

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