Keeping Trees Under Control

treesTrees can be a mixed blessing when they’re present on a residential property. They provide natural beauty and shade, and a well-maintained tree can be an asset to the property value. But trees can pose hidden (and not-so-hidden) dangers as well. Roots can intrude on septic tanks and plumbing systems. Branches can get overgrown and interfere with power lines and cause damage to roofing. And of course, if the tree overhangs another person’s property, you can find yourself on the receiving end of grouchy neighbors’ complaints.

That’s why keeping the trees maintained, as well as the rest of the landscaping for any property, is so important. These are aspects to consider when putting together a Broker’s Scope of Repairs when you’re looking to get REO repairs on such a property.

It’s worth the extra minor investment to hire someone to maintain those trees before you list that house!

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