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REO High Percentage of Cash Sales

According to a recent post by CoreLogic, REO sales accounted for over half of cash property sales in the United States in July 2014. Among cash sales, REO far outstrips resales, new construction, and short sales by a wide margin.

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Smokers and Odors and Pet Damage, Oh My!

One of the things you’ll probably see a lot of in the REO industy is homes with odor problems. When a home has been foreclosed after many years of a smoker living there, or someone with pets (especially indoor pets),

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Agent Survey

At Phillips Contracting, Inc., we take our clients and their needs very seriously. It’s important to us to earn your trust and confidence. That’s why we’re asking you to take a couple of minutes to complete this brief survey to

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The PCI Process

Have you ever wondered exactly how an REO repair contractor gets the job done? Wonder no more, because we’re happy to share the PCI process with you, step-by-step. We first receive notification that PCI has been selected to bid on

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Thank you ALL lately for the fast turn arounds!! It is most definitely noticed and appreciated!!
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