Smokers and Odors and Pet Damage, Oh My!

Pet Damage and Pet OdorOne of the things you’ll probably see a lot of in the REO industy is homes with odor problems. When a home has been foreclosed after many years of a smoker living there, or someone with pets (especially indoor pets), the house can show considerable wear and tear from those things alone, to say nothing of the normal everyday damage. (And that’s assuming that the former owner hasn’t deliberately damaged the place before moving out!)

When performing REO repairs on a property like this, we typically recommend a coat of primer to be put on the walls and ceilings prior to the usual interior paint job. A good coat of primer will seal those odors and serve to better cover those tobacco stains and pet damage. Simply painting over them won’t be enough.

Keep things like this in mind when setting up REO repairs for this sort of home. You’ll find it makes a big difference in getting the property sold!

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Great job on the updates and communication – you guys literally the only SAM vendors keeping up and on top of the details like this.