Take It From Us: Paint That Garage Floor!

paint-garage-floorAs contractors, when we submit a bid for repairs on an REO property, we’re not just looking at carpentry, plumbing, and electrical fixes. We’re also looking at what improvements might be necessary to get a property sold, and as an agent or asset manager, you should be too!

That said, there’s one thing we almost always bid on that is frequently not approved, but we really think it deserves a second look. We’re talking about painting the garage floor, especially when we’re also going to be painting the garage interior.

Have you ever seen a garage that REALLY needed a good paint job, and noticed how much it improves the look and feel when it’s been done? We think painting the floor adds several levels of desirability for when potential buyers are checking the place out. Wouldn’t you rather see all the aspects of the house in as new-looking condition as possible if you were buying a home?

So next time you get a bid for painting that garage floor, think twice before you decide not to recommend it. Little things like this can really make a difference when it comes to closing the deal on that house.

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