Assurance That Your Home Is Right

realtor01To get the clearest picture of the current state of a property (the good and the bad), a complete REO inspection is the solution. Phillips Contracting, Inc. is ready to be your eyes and ears in the field to provide all the important details of your assets. We also possess the licenses and certifications necessary to provide an expert opinion on all aspects of your properties.

Getting the most complete information from our team leaders enables you to make the best informed decisions for your assets, in order to maximize their value.

PCI can provide a number of home inspection services:

  • 4-point inspections – complete reports on electrical, HVAC, roofing, and plumbing
  • Property condition inspections
  • Occupancy inspections – visual inspections to check occupancy
  • Contact inspections to ascertain occupancy of the property
  • General field inspection to assess the physical condition of the property for security and any damages
  • Disaster and damage inspections are performed to assess and evaluate potential damages from natural disasters
  • Specialty inspections as need

Whatever your needs, PCI can perform complete home inspections on an immediate or an ongoing basis. If you would like a clear picture of your asset, contact Phillips Contracting, Inc. today at 941-483-3800.

Need REO Inspection?

At PCI, we're completely committed to delivering the information you need to make the best decisions for your assets. Big or small, we'll take on any job!

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Erin, I just wanted to mention, you are one of the top professionals we have ever worked with. We appreciate your efforts every day, as well as Chad’s. Please expect us to keep selecting Phillips Contracting as the number 1 GC for us.
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