Total Property Rehab


In addition to property preservation, Phillips Contracting, Inc. maintains your assets in move-in condition year-round for homeowners, banks, asset managers, and brokers throughout the state of Florida. You can rest assured that our services will keep your property in the best condition, ready for buyers.

PCI’s maintenance services are generally provided on a recurring basis until the property is sold. These services include:

  • Lawn and Yard
    • Mow, trim, and edge regularly
    • Remove clippings and sweep as necessary
    • Trim hedges and remove debris
    • Special needs upon request
  • Sales Clean
    • Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors as needed
    • Wipe down counter tops, walls, and windows including sills and appliances
    • Dust ceiling fans and mini-blinds
    • Deep clean appliances inside and out
    • Maintain cleanliness of bathrooms including mop, scrub bowls and basins, and wipe down all surfaces
    • Special needs upon request
  • Pool Maintenance
    • Pool start-up to ensure proper operation of all systems
    • Drain and fill if needed
    • Testing and adding chemicals as needed to ensure proper pH balance
    • Inspect pool and provide recommendations to ensure proper operation of pumps, filters and motors
  • Landscape Beautification – Enhance “Curb Appeal”
    • Complete landscape packages are available for “Upscale” assets to enhance property values

If you would like to take advantage of Phillips Contracting, Inc.’s skills in the area of ongoing property maintenance, call us today at 941-483-3800.

REO Property Maintenance

PCI brings REO property maintenance to a whole new level. From recurring services like landscape upkeep to keeping pools running smooth and clean, we can handle your ongoing maintenance needs.


Great job on the updates and communication – you guys literally the only SAM vendors keeping up and on top of the details like this.